Stay in Touch - Stay Rooted - Stay on Mission

We are to live out the call of Jesus in our everyday life. We need to Stay in Touch and care for another. Stay Rooted and make sure our environment is favourable for growth in Christ and we must Stay on Mission and reach out to those around us that might need our help. This page has been designed to be an encouragement and resource to you and your family, as well as to help equip and empower you to be a of help to others around you during this Lockdown period. On this page you will find a great variety of resources to assist you, your family and your community.


Download this document that will explain our pastoral structure during the lockdown.
For pastoral emergencies, please call or WhatsApp us on 072 986 4368

Some Directives to adhere to:
Funerals: Not more than 50 - only family - no Evening Vigils.
Home Abuse Help Lines: 0800 150 150 | GBV (Gender Based Violence) Command: 0800 428 428



Marius will be posting some letters during the lockdown that will help encourage you.
You are welcome to download it and read.



We will share encouragements and testimonies that comes from the CCA Family. 
If you have something you would like to share, please email us on

Click on the links below to view or download the files.



We will be posting devotions every second week for you and your family to use as a guideline for Sunday mornings.
Suggestion: Call your family together for a Family Devotion every Sunday Morning at 9am during the lockdown period (The time you would have gone to church). Set 60-90 minutes aside for Praise and Worship, Word Reading and Study and Prayer. Encourage the involvement of every family member. The outline below will assist you. I will send one for each week.



Every second Sunday we will be posting a Video Message for you and your family. This will be done through YouTube and a link will be sent to you and will be available here. Watch it using your phone, laptop or TV.

These videos will become more interactive and include an outline that you can use to follow. There will also be a worship song written and sung by someone from the church.



Exciting News Parents! To help you disciple your children, we have and are preparing a weekly guideline for your family devotions (known as #homedevos). It follows Sunday's theme.

Select any three days of the week and the time that suits you best.
You can download the latest ones below.



We invite the whole CCA Family to join us in Prayer from 6.00 - 6.30pm every night during the Lockdown.
Please see the prayer pointers below.



There is a big need in our city to provide for those who need food. We are particularly focusing on the elderly and kids that we feed every week from Nompumelelo. We will also help our own church members and members from Heartbeat churches if the need arises. Have a look below at the Distribution Flow Chart as well as a Information Letter that shows the list of items needed, drop off points, etc.
Money can also be paid into the Relief Fund. See the banking details on the image or in the Information Letter.


We hand out food parcels to 140 kids from the Soccer Club in Nompumelelo every week. Here are some photos of what has been happening. Thank you to all for your contributions, big and small! Every bit helps. A special thanks to the community from Blue Bend that has been raising funds to assist us.