Stay in Touch - Stay Rooted - Stay on Mission


We request every individual CCA member and regular attender to complete this questionnaire.

It will be of great help to make sure that we all stay in touch and care for one another, stay rooted and grow in Christ and to stay on mission by living and sharing Christ.

Your honest feedback will be a great help to ensure we serve you well during this time.

Please complete this questionnaire not later than Friday, 8 May 2020 at 12 noon.

Please complete this questionnaire:



Home Address:


How many individuals are living in your home (inclusive of yourself)?


1. Do you have a computer or a smart phone/device? YesNo

2. Do you have sufficient data? YesNo

3. Are you able to access our church website? YesNo

4. Do you make use of WhatsApp on your phone/device? YesNo

5. Do you send and receive emails? YesNo

6. What assistance do you need to get you going on this?

7. What is your preferred way that we should communicate with you? Text MessageEmailWhatsAppNone

8. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve communication to you?


9. What positives are you experiencing?

10. What negatives are you experiencing?

11. How is your work and income affected? Please mark all the applicable boxes. Skip question 11 if you are not comfortable to talk about your finances.
a. I am… self-employedemployedpensionerdependent on someone else

b. I receive… my normal incomeonly a portion of my regular incomeno regular incomeUIF/Government Support payments

c. How do you feel about your finances? anxiousconcernedat peace

12. Are you in need of a food parcel? YesNo

13. What type of support would be important to you during this Lockdown time?


14. Are you making use of the resources CCA provides?
a. Daily Devotions YesNo
b. Sunday Outlines & Videos YesNo
c. CCA Kids #homedevos YesNo
d. Prayer Outlines YesNo
e. What other resources do you have a need of?
f. Do you have any suggestions?

15. Please share in what way you were able to help and encourage others during this Lockdown period so far?

16. Are you able and willing to help us make sure that all our members are encouraged and supported by keeping in touch with a small cluster of families on a regular basis? YesNo

17. Please submit any other comment or question you may have.

Thank you for your input and time, we greatly appreciate it. Let us stay in touch, stay rooted and stay on mission